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Daily bookkeeping for the modern business owner. Minimize your audit risk and only pay when you save.

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Less risk, more savings

Minimize your audit risk and save an average of $15k per year1

Auto categorization. Get your business transactions categorized in real-time and reviewed by an expert for accuracy.

Personalization. Kick AI immediately adapts to any changes you make.

Receipt matching. Ditch the shoebox and let your receipts match themselves.

No deduction left behind. Get the easy-to-miss deductions like your home office, vehicle, travel all handled.

Real financial confidence

Kick back knowing where you stand across all your accounts and entities

Accurate financials. Get insight into what’s driving profitability with a real-time Profit & Loss you can trust.

Accountant approved. Share the reports you need to get taxes done.

Monitor spending. Immediately cut unnecessary business expenses.

Unlimited accounts. Get a high-level view across all your entities, accounts and teams, for no added cost.


in savings tracked across hundreds of business owners

"Kick cleaned up my financial mess. Saved me $30k in 30 minutes"

Shaan Puri

"I'm confident my books are in order, and I can focus on growing my businesses"

Brandon Schlichter

"I'm amazed how much Kick simplified my business finances"

Shervin Shares

"Kick delivers peace of mind, and even pays for itself"

Juliana Crispo

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"Already orders of magnitude better than other accounting options"

Nick Davidov


More secure

Focus on your business, knowing that your financial data is protected

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Monitor exactly how information is shared across your businesses.

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Kick data security and policies are verified by 3rd party Penetration tests.

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Kick uses AES 256-bit specification similar to leading financial institutions.

Bookkeeping that pays for itself